Repeted Questions

Kerala PSC Repeted Questions & Answers

Questions which are repeated in Kerala PSC Examinations

  1. “Kovilan” is the pen name of the famous Malayalam writer ?
  2. The pen name of the famous Malayalam Writer M.Vasudevan is?
  3. Whose pen name is “Uroob”?
  4. The pen name of M.K.Menon is?
  5. “Mali” is the pen name of the famous Malayalam writer?
    V.Madhavan Nair
  6. The famous Malayalam writer who known as “Kakkanadan” is?
    George Varghese
  7. “Omcheri” is the pen name of the famous Malayalam writer?
    N Narayana Pillai
  8. The pen name of M.R.Nair is ?
  9. The famous malayalam writer who known as “Thikkodian” is?
  10. “Nandnar” is the pen name of ?
  11. “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” is a famous slogan given by?
    Lal Bahadur Shastri
  12. “Gharibi Hatawo” is a famous slogan given by?
    Indira Gandhi
  13. Who said “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”?
    Alexander Pope
  14. Who said “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”?
    Alexander Pope
  15. ‘Just as I would not like to be a slave, so I would not like to be a master’ is said by?
    Abraham Lincolin
  16. “I came, I saw, I conquered” is famous quotation of ?
    Julius Caesar
  17. “Man is by nature a political animal” is a famous quotation of?
  18. “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever” is a famous quotation of?
    John Keats
  19. “Child is the father of man” who said it?
    William Wordsworth
  20. First foreigner to get Bharat Ratna ?
    Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
  21. First men on Mt.Everest without Oxygen ?
    Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler (1978)
  22. First Chinese pilgrim to visit in India?
  23. First Englishman to receive Nobel Prize for Literature ?
    Rudyard Kipling (1907)
  24. First Pope to visit India?
    Pope Paul VI
  25. First Muslim invader of India?
  26. First Test Tube Baby ?
    Louise Joy Brown
  27. First Woman Prime Minister of a country?
    Sirimavo Bandaranaike (1960)
  28. First Woman President of a country ?
    Maria Estela Peron (Argentina)
  29. First woman to climb Mount Everest?
    Junko Taibei
  30. First woman to reach North Pole ?
    Ann Bancroft
  31. First Woman Governor of India?
    Sarojini Naidu (1947)
  32. First woman IPS officer in India?
    Kiran Bedi (1974)
  33. First woman in India, who won the Jnanpith Award?
    Ashapurna Devi (1976)
  34. First woman in India to swim the English Channel ?
    Arati Saha (1959)
  35. First Chief Justice of India ?
    Harilal J aKania (1950-51)
  36. First Chairman of Rajya Sabha ?
    S.V.Krishnamoorthy (1952)
  37. First Elected President of India?
    S.Radhakrishnan (1962-67)
  38. First Chief Election Commissioner of India ?
    Sukumar Sen (1950-58)
  39. First Bhart Ratna Award Winner ?
    C.Rajagopalachari (1954)
  40. First Actress, who won the Padma Shri Award?
    Nargis Dutt (1958)
  41. First Miss.World title winner from India?
    Reita Faria (1966)
  42. First Field Marshal of India?
    S.H.F.J. Manekshaw (1973)
  43. First Cosmonaut from India ?
    Rakesh Sharma (1984)

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